DSP active loudspeakers

  • Audiophiile sound quality
    • Strongly improved linearity and fidelity of sound playback
    • Optimal design concepts like closed box-bass boosted by DSP
  • Unique audio engineering
    • Pioneering digital amplifier technology based on full resolution Multibit PWM
    • Advanced DSP sound processing
    • Jitter-killer module that isolates from digital source quality
  • One-box hi-fi
    • Digital input selector, DSP module and digital amplifier built into loudspeaker case
    • Guarantee of final audio quality – no risk of mismatch with other audio components
    • Integrated mechanical design eliminating audio cabling
  • Audiophile quality from digital sources including files
    • Advanced audio clock mechanism isolates from the quality of digital source or digital cabling and allows to use directly computer) as audio source
    • Direct D/A conversion in the amp without the impact of the classical DAC