Electronics design and embedded software development services

Areas of expertise

Infado has multi-year experience in design and development of advanced, complex audio systems, intelligent home systems and multi-layer cable and radio communication architectures. The key areas of expertise include:

Example of Infado designs – section of the active DSP loudpseaker Example of Infado designs – section of the active DSP loudpseaker

  • Control systems on ARM i DSP microcontrollers
  • Communication systems using cable (UART, I2C, SPI), radio and network (LAN/WAN) interface protocols
  • Hjgh-throughput, real-time cable and radio transmission using TCP/IP, UDP, SPI, SPDIF, I2S
  • DSP filtering and processing, including high-bandwidth signal processing
  • Radio control 2,4 GHz systems
  • Precise, low-jitter clock generation, DDS synthesis and digital PLL
  • Power control solutions, e.g. precise synchronous PWM converters – step-down, buck-boost, SMPS
  • Control and communication systems using standalone Linux modules
  • Industrial control systems algorithms – e.g. PID regulators
  • PC and mobile applications (front-end/GUI)

 Key features of our project approach

  • First-class competence and experience in electronics and software projects implementation in various industries and technologies
  • Professional and efficient project management
    1. Each project starts with requirements summary prepared by Infado as a common starting ground
    2. Larger-scale projects are monitored for meeting deadlines and quality assurance objectives by a project manager with long-standing experience in IT and business project management, also international
    3. Best practice project management that brings actual total project costs optimization
  • Full-scope, “turn-key” electronics and software project implementation including also the mechanical design if required (e.g. enclosure)
  • Capability to develop complex embedded software algorithms –e.g.       advanced DSP algorithms, on-line, high-bandwidth data transmission (10 Mbit/s real-time), multi-layer cable, radio or mixed communication architectures

An important distinguishing competence of Infado is strong experience in functional and technical specifications of extensive embedded systems using best practices in IT systems documentation. It results in minimisation of the biggest risk in IT projects implementation – i.e. misunderstandings of requirements and design specifications between the client and the integrator.

Selected electronic modules implementations

The modules listed below are flexible electronic designs with rich peripherals and highly configurable base software that can allow for a fast-track product design resulting in reduced project cost and timeline:

  • Advanced 40-bit floating point DSP processing module, well suited to e.g. IIR/FIR filtering
  • Wireless 2,4 MHz module with 5 Mbit/s real-time transmission bandwidth
  • Control board with 7x 230V power outputs with intelligent on/off algorithms based on environment sensor data and individual line power consumption measurement
  • Sensor module capable of high-precision lighting (two-range for exterior and interior) and temperature measurements and smoke detection. The module is powered with photovoltaic power supply circuit
  • Low jitter clock generation module with configurable frequencies up to 500MHz using DDS synthesis
  • High-power step-down DC voltage regulator with very high precision (less than 0,01%) and dynamic range (min. value less than 0,05% of supply voltage)
  • Advanced, innovative, digital class D high resolution power amplifier rated at 4x200W with advanced control and monitoring implemented on an ARM microcontroller
  • Low-power LCD 3,2 inch display with a GUI menu application


Service offering in electronics and mechanical design

We offer both small-scale as well as full-cycle of embedded-system product implementation that can include:

  • concept, functional and technical design specification
  • electronic circuits diagram design
  • PCB design
  • mechanical CAD design (enclosure, cable connections) using e.g. SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor
  • implementation and testing of a product prototype that includes:
    • prototype PCB
    • BOM preparation and electronic parts purchase
    • prototype PCB assembly
    • testing of PCB and integration tests with software
  • software development for ARM and DSP embedded platforms
  • PC/mobile (Windows/Linux/Android) modules (if part of the product)

Service offering – DSP

 Infado team has multi-year experience in w R&D and advanced DSP processing algorithms design, especially in audio and video applications. We have an extensive Matlab custom procedure library that allows for fast prototyping of a DSP algorithm and direct export of filter C configuration headers to e.g. Analog Devices Sharc 2136x, 2146x processors. Infado expertise and experience in DSP modelling and processor implementation includes:
– advanced IIR and FIR digital filtering using an wide range of filters including e.g. time domain optimized Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters,
– correction and flexible shaping of frequency response,
– all-pass filters, advanced shaping and correction of phase, including excess phase correction,
– linear-phase crossover filters,
– sample rates management and processing including oversampling and downsampling,
– noise-shaping i natural sampling (PWM) algorithms.

Contact: info@infado.com